CIO Central is an independent entity under the Redefine Marcom umbrella of communities. Its purpose is to connect and guide C-Suite individuals and organizations along with their leadership teams.


Through a robust digital campaign, that will comprise leveraging social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we hope to share the success stories of today’s IT leaders among the CIO and other communities and enhance your digital presence.


We strive to build a network dedicated to the CIO community, where IT evangelists and technology executives have ready access to individuals and organizations from their industry. The virtual awards ceremony will garner an audience that will have live access to informative webinars and other such initiatives that will provide insights into the latest developments in the IT industry.


Building an industry specific network will allow individuals and organizations to share their experiences with a targeted audience, seek specialized advice, and measure their growth according to the market standards. The annual awards ceremony will be a common platform for executives to learn more about their industry leaders and strategies that can help them achieve their goals.