Membership Eligibility/Guidelines

  • » Applicant for membership should currently be the senior most IT person in their organization and a decision maker for IT in the organization. The terms of employment has to be permanent in nature
  • » Membership is free of cost
  • » Individual should intimate/update his/her status at the time of leaving current organization. Once updated current status, only then he/she be able to apply for a fresh membership after joining another organization
  • » If a CIO retires during their tenure of membership then they can be a life member of CIOConnect Veterans Club
  • » Membership validity is for a period of one year from January to December
  • » Membership is non-transferrable

DO's and DONT's:

  • » Apply for membership withg your official company details.
  • » Be an active member of CIOConnect
  • » Be an active member in the official forums and groups to contribute to the community
  • » Recommend CIOConnect amongst your peers working in other organizations
  • » For any help/recommendation/suggestion, contact CIOConnect Help Desk @
  • » Do not share any kind of information of other members of CIOConnect with vendors
  • » Don't hesitate in offering help to your peers, suggesting CIOConnect to adopt better ways to build a stronger and more meaningful community